Spices and Vinegar

2015-06-13 18.29.09Recently, I have been using inks and fluid acrylics to pour on a first layer of color in my abstract botanical paintings.  I love the idea of using more organic (less toxic) materials to enhance my new, more organic style of painting.  In the above “Wild Flowers”, I decided to try and create dyes and stains from things I had around the kitchen, as a heightened form of organic experimentation.  I used saffron, cinnamon, curry, balsamic vinegar, paprika, and cayenne pepper, mixed with a tiny bit of water and then a bit of polymer medium (to bind the pigment together.)  At times, it was more like a science project then an art project.  In the end, I needed to use a few of my inks to get the most intense colors.  I’m happy with the results, though not sure spices are my favorite medium…but a great smelling painting they do make!

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Raw Canvas

Ground Feather III

A big “thank you” to Marsha Staiger for opening my mind to using raw canvas and Golden high flow acrylics.  In her summer class at the Art League School, the class poured and sprayed and dripped and dropped to our heart’s delight, and got pure intense colors that saturated the raw canvas.  I haven’t taken a class in many years, and found this opportunity to play with some new supplies, with Marsha’s inspiring projects, gave me a fresh new look at my art.  More high flow, please!

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So much yellow

Spring-Piney RunSpring in Great Falls was bright this year. So much rain, so much color.  I was born in the spring, and every year when the forsythia and daffodils bloom, I rejoice at new life. This year I have been playing around with cutting up acrylic paintings and piecing them back together to re-create. This painting “Spring- Piney Run” is another example of my new work.  I was playing around with pouring shapes of acrylic.  These flowers have the feel of thick plastic Colorforms. You will want to touch.

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Hwy. 12

Hwy 12 2014 Jennifer Duncan

This Spring I drove to Hatteras Island to take paintings to Pea Island Gallery.  I have never seen such intense green on the Outer Banks.  I painted and assembled this piece about my trip and just looking at it takes me back to the smell of the ocean and the fresh sea grass along “Highway 12” .

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Pieced Painting-Ochre

Pieced Ochre 2014  Jennifer Duncan

Pieced Ochre 2014 Jennifer Duncan

Here we go. New work, new process, new blog!
Winter has been long, cold, snowy and somewhat isolating. I needed to try something new. Lately I have had the feeling that I wasn’t getting what I wanted from my acrylic paints. What I love the most about acrylic is the thick, plastic-y, smooth texture and the incredibly intense bright colors. When you pour Golden liquid acrylics and let them dry, you get YUM. I have been having so much fun painting large abstracted pages of hot press watercolor paper, then re-working these paintings by cutting them up and re-piecing them. It’s a bit like putting together a puzzle that has no correct format!

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