Pieced Painting-Ochre

Pieced Ochre 2014  Jennifer Duncan

Pieced Ochre 2014 Jennifer Duncan

Here we go. New work, new process, new blog!
Winter has been long, cold, snowy and somewhat isolating. I needed to try something new. Lately I have had the feeling that I wasn’t getting what I wanted from my acrylic paints. What I love the most about acrylic is the thick, plastic-y, smooth texture and the incredibly intense bright colors. When you pour Golden liquid acrylics and let them dry, you get YUM. I have been having so much fun painting large abstracted pages of hot press watercolor paper, then re-working these paintings by cutting them up and re-piecing them. It’s a bit like putting together a puzzle that has no correct format!


About Jennifer Duncan

I'm a mixed media painter. I am intrigued by colors and textures and how they play together. Lately my work has been concentrated on layering and piecing together painted papers with a focus on abstraction. I work in my home studio and also in a shared studio space with 14 other artists called the "Artists' Atelier". Both are in my village of Great Falls.
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3 Responses to Pieced Painting-Ochre

  1. Hi, Jennifer:

    Great first post.

  2. I love these new pieces Jennifer–keep up the good work!

  3. Your new pieces are wonderful….great composition, color and overall design. I look forward to seeing all your new pieces in this series. They are a great example of what a talented mixed media artist can achieve on a 12 x 12 square!

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