Spices and Vinegar

2015-06-13 18.29.09Recently, I have been using inks and fluid acrylics to pour on a first layer of color in my abstract botanical paintings.  I love the idea of using more organic (less toxic) materials to enhance my new, more organic style of painting.  In the above “Wild Flowers”, I decided to try and create dyes and stains from things I had around the kitchen, as a heightened form of organic experimentation.  I used saffron, cinnamon, curry, balsamic vinegar, paprika, and cayenne pepper, mixed with a tiny bit of water and then a bit of polymer medium (to bind the pigment together.)  At times, it was more like a science project then an art project.  In the end, I needed to use a few of my inks to get the most intense colors.  I’m happy with the results, though not sure spices are my favorite medium…but a great smelling painting they do make!


About Jennifer Duncan

I'm a mixed media painter. I am intrigued by colors and textures and how they play together. Lately my work has been concentrated on layering and piecing together painted papers with a focus on abstraction. I work in my home studio and also in a shared studio space with 14 other artists called the "Artists' Atelier". Both are in my village of Great Falls.
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